Submitted by Dr. Margie Scherk, DVM, DABVP

Pets help keep us healthy and happy. They provide solace and company and they don’t judge – although, I’m not certain about cats. 😉 Animal shelter teams work hard to find forever homes for animals, so it is heartwarming to hear that people are adopting more pets during the pandemic. Veterinary teams are working hard to adapt to protective requirements while caring for our non-human companions. And, just as in human labs, veterinary laboratories are working exhaustively to help their healthcare teams by picking up, processing and interpreting diagnostic samples so that your vet can help your pet get better quickly. My husband is a veterinary pathologist so I see how his team is working night and day to help us all get through this pandemic.

I dedicate my #covid19gratitude to veterinary and human laboratory personnel. They work behind the scenes and are unsung heroes. Thank you!

Lab personnel are working around the clock.